Questions of Sociology

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1. Why was France reluctant to use the internet? ANSWER 2. The sociological imagination allows people to understand that: ANSWER 3. What is the meaning of “social structure”? ANSWER 4. ________ shows what events have occurred; ________ explains why the events have occurred. ANSWER 5. According to Auguste Comte, the knowledge of society is based on: ANSWER 6. What did Émile Durkheim call aspects of social life that shape individual actions? ANSWER 7. According to Émile Durkheim, all parts of society must work in harmony as an integrated whole in order to function over time. He called this social cohesion: ANSWER 8. According to Karl Marx, the modern era is shaped primarily by: ANSWER 9. The economic system that is directed at earning a profit for a few people, selling products to many people, and keeping workers’ wages low is called: ANSWER 10. What did Max Weber believe strongly influenced the rise of capitalism? ANSWER 11. Which theorist developed the sociological perspective known as symbolic interactionism? ANSWER 12. What do Marxism and feminism have in common? ANSWER 13. Which of the following is an example of microsociology? ANSWER 14. Once a researcher has identified a research problem, he or she then: ANSWER 15. In sociological research, various ways of calculating averages are called: ANSWER 16. What should be your first step when reading a table? ANSWER 17. The scientific study of culture began with ________ in the nineteenth century. ANSWER 18. A woman scolds her friend for talking while chewing his food. This is an example of: ANSWER 19. Which of the following best explains why different groups of people have developed different cultures? ANSWER 20. ________ society is culturally diverse and involves numerous ________. ANSWER 21. Which term describes a viewpoint that respects
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