Qualities of Odysseus

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A good leader has qualities such as courage, bravery, intellect, and charisma. These can all be used in making good judgment as a leader. Most importantly, a leader must have control over his peers, and peers must trust and respect their leader in order for both of them to achieve success. In the epic poem the Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus is a good leader because he shows bravery while defeating the Cyclops, but he is also a weak leader because he shows lack of authority when his men eat the cattle of Lord Helios. Odysseus embodies the quality of bravery while defeating the Cyclops, proving that he is a good leader. Odysseus and his men sail through the dark night to the land of the Cyclopes, where they encounter the callous Polyphemus. After momentarily conversing with the stranded sailors, Polyphemus, dismembers and makes a meal out of two of Odysseus’s men. He then imprisons Odysseus with the rest of Odysseus’s ship mates in his cave for future meals. Despite of the tragedy Odysseus remains to keep his moral high and hatches up a plan to deceive Polyphemus. “There bowls I brought him, I brought him and poured them down. I saw the fuddle and flush come over him…” (9.355-365). His men are brutally killed and gorged on by this monster; nevertheless, Odysseus is still able to face his fear, exemplifying bravery. Proceeding on the plan Odysseus and his men drive a spear through the Cyclops’s eye. “…I drove my big hand spike deep in the embers, charring it again, and cheered my men along with battle talk to keep their courage up no quitting now…straight forward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed it deep in his eye…”(9.369-378). It takes a lot of inner strength to look death in the eye and not blink, and Odysseus is able to do so and inspires to do it as well. He has to overcome all emotions that he is feeling and encourage the others that they can defeat
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