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1) Which of the following measures of central location is affected most by extreme values? A. Median B. Geometric mean C. Mean D. Mode Ans : C 2) A difference between calculating the sample mean and the population mean is: A. Only in the symbols, we use x instead of µ and n instead of N. B. There are no differences. C. We divide the sum of the observations by n - 1 instead of n D. The observations are ranked and select the middle value for the population mean. Ans: A 3) In a set of observations, which measure of central tendency reports the value that occurs most often? A. Mean B. Geometric mean C. Median D. Mode Ans: D 4) Which of the following is not a requirement of a binomial distribution? A. A constant probability of success. B. Equally likely outcomes. C. Only two possible outcomes. D. A fixed number of trails. Ans: B 5) Which of the following is not a requirement of a probability distribution? A. Equally likely probability of a success. B. The probability of each outcome is between 0 and 1. C. Sum of the possible outcomes is 1.00. D. The outcomes are mutually exclusive. Ans: A 6) In which of the following distributions is the probability of a success usually small? A. Binomial B. Hypergeometric C. Poisson D. All distribution Ans: C 7) The difference between the sample mean and the population mean is called the A. Population mean. B. Standard error of the mean. C. Population standard deviation. D. Sampling error. Ans: D 8) Suppose a population consisted of 20 items. How many

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