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Daniel Lee Period 3 Prospectus In the book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (2000), Malcolm Gladwell describes that every event has a tip that they would reach and drop. He does this by explaining different types of scenarios that has resulted itself into tipping over. The purpose of this book is to illuminate the readers that current and future events were caused or will be caused due to something that triggered it. Malcolm expresses to the reader in a variety of events how it was caused and what had caused it. Malcolm Gladwell gives a plethora of examples of tipping point events. One was when he explains how Goetz (The protagonist of the event) was tipped into shooting four hoodlums that were harassing other and tried ripping Goetz. He saw how one of the teenager’s eyes and smile set him off. The tipping point that leads to the event was when Goetz had experienced a similar event in which he was mugged and knew that he should act differently when faced such matter again. It is logical to fend yourself back when you have a weapon to do so and wishes not to be mugged once more. As Tom Gau have once said, “If you don’t try, you’ll never succeed.” Malcolm Gladwell tells us how events can be triggered due to past histories, social surroundings, or given mandatory paths. The reason may be radically different from each other yet it produces the same action. The presentation will have a numerous examples of events that have a tipping point. I would explain the numerous events’ cause of tipping, how it tipped, and if it could’ve been avoided. The presentation will also explain the whole concept of the tipping point and the whole idealistic of it. Then, I will try to ask the audience certain events that they know had a tipping point. They would respond out an answer like per say, the fall of Titanic. Then I would reply back by

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