Severed Ear Brawl Essay

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John De Lord Crime articles explained using AS Psychology Men given football game ban over Glasgow 'severed ear brawl' We can use this event to be backed up by Social Psychology, through both prejudice and obedience. The Agency Theory would suggest that each side may have followed orders of an authority figure. For example ‘Glasgow Rangers’ fans may have been ordered by the authority figure to attack the opposition. Originally they were in the autonomous state, acting on their own behalf whereby they may not have even thought about violence. But by being given an order they chose to obey, experiencing the agentic shift into the agentic state, therefore acting as agents to the authority figure. Additionally it can be explained…show more content…
During the oral stage, the boy’s primary source of interaction occurs through the mouth. The mouth is vital for eating, and the boy derives pleasure from oral stimulation through gratifying activities such as tasting and sucking. However if fixation occurs in this stage freud believed that this individual would have issues with dependency and aggression. Oral fixation can lead to problems with eating, drinking, smoking or nail biting. There are two major features from this article that explain this concept, the murderer was an alcoholic which can prove he may be fixated in the oral stage, but he also has shown aggression and violence and therefore supports the Psychodynamic approach. Crime: Between Father and Son The Biological approach could be useful in explaining this crime, the relationship between the killers is significant in this, father and son. Due to this being the Biological Approach this could be something to do with heredity genes or personality traits. The father may have carried aggression traits or certain traits that lead to violence and passed this onto his son. We can also use brain abnormalities to explain this; both father and son could have suffered some sort of brain dysfunction or a certain trauma which may have caused

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