Progressive Corporation's Marketing Strategies

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TO: FROM: DATE: 2011 SUBJECT: Progressive Corporation’s marketing strategies The Progressive Corporation, known as Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, is one of the largest auto insurers in the United States. It primarily provides personal automobile insurance through internet, telephone, and independent insurance agencies. I, as one of Progressive’s policyholders, thought that it was worth researching how the marketing strategies of Progressive made me to choose its policy. I would like to focus on its marketing strategies, as they fascinate me. Progressive is perhaps the most visible company and it stands out in the competitive auto insurance industry. People become aware of the company and its campaign due to its frequent advertising presence. Selecting auto insurance can be perceived as a complicated and even stressful process since it can be confusing and time-consuming. However, Progressive’s advertising campaign makes it look simple and easy by presenting it like retail shopping that people would feel comfortable with. Progressive provides quotes of its own insurance policy as well as those of its competitors in its advertising campaign. It does not mean that Progressive’s policy is always lower than that of its competitors’, but it has a better chance that people will look at its website first rather than its competitors’. One of the Progressive’s advertising campaigns that I found the most impressive is that it gives people an option to name their price and it builds a policy around that budget. Progressive attracts people by giving them a sense of power and

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