Prison Overcrowding In The United States

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Mariah Mathews CRJ 102 Dec 10, 2013 Prison Overcrowding Introduction Prison overcrowding has become one of the major financial and controversial problems in the United States. Last year Governor Jerry Brown passed a bill that would move thousands of low-level state prisoners to county jails or give them early release on parole. California prisons have become extremely overcrowded since 2011, which is playing a huge role on the state’s deficit. The Bill is called AB 109 and also assures appropriate funding to all the facilities before the bill is to go into effect. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation defines the Bill as, “AB 109 allows non-violent, non-serious, and non-sex offenders to serve their sentence in…show more content…
This way they were able to make more room violent offenders and were able to send off less violent offenders. Inmates being sent to the fire camps have to be non-violent and have to go through a screening process and take a physical. They are then taught to fight fires and to clear debris from flood control basins. The inmates transferred to these camps will be able to earn good time credits and shorten their sentences. An article in LA Times explains, “In the interim, sending inmates to fire camps is the most cost-effective way to curb early releases of inmates, officials said” (Para 11, 2013). Making sure these non-violent and non-sexual offenders still pay their debt to society and still make room for the serious offenders to stay in prison their whole sentences. Moving inmates to fire camps is not the only way to reduce the population in prisons. LA County Sheriff Department made a deal with the city of Taft in Kern County to outsource some long-term inmates. An article in the Los Angeles Daily News the County Chief Executive Officer Bill Fujioka said “the additional jail beds are “critically needed” because realignment required inmates diverted from state prisons to serve their entire sentence in county jails, leaving the Sheriff’s Department scrambling for space for its other inmates” (Para 5, 2013). Because of realignment the jails have also become overpopulated now so they are re-opening a jail in the city of Taft. This also means that the serious offenders that were released, re-offended and were put into jail are able to serve full sentences before being released early

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