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Prison Riots Introduction Large, crowded institutions are ready for rioting, which was the case on Wednesday September 19, 2012 as an unexpected riot broke out at the New Folsom Prison. According to Montgomery & Crews (1998) the most predictable cause of riots is when tensions build up between rivals gangs, which are rivals based on race. The Riot at Folsom prison lasted only 10 minutes before it was controlled. Riots in Folsom or any other prison are a threat to the lives of prison staff or inmates. Effective and efficient management is needed most in times of riots and emergency situations. In order to diminish riots within correctional facilities and reduce the violence amongst inmates and staff, management must have clear policies and procedures, open lines of communication, fair inmate disciplinary process, and ability to hire and train quality staff. Analysis Diminishing Riots A news reporter from KCRA had an interview with a confidential inmate informer that was present when the riot occurred, “ the riot was sparked by Asian and Southern Hispanic inmates going back and forward” said the informer. As race relations become a more important factor in the modern penal system, administrators must go in the direction to reduce potential destructive results. One correctional management technique to relieve racial tension, which may be used, is the proper classification of inmates. (Montgomery & Crews, 1998). The National Institution of Justice portrays a solution to riots that involves addressing how to immediately respond to riots, race relations, the structure and renovation of prisons and the quality and quantity of staff used during riots. Solutions displayed by researchers and criminal justice agencies agree that despite of the cause of riots the awareness and communication is key to help diminish riots in the prison system. Discussion

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