Pride And Prejudice, Film Representation Essay

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I am going to look at if a film portrayal can be a truthful representation of a historical period in time using Pride And Prejudice as an example. When looking at the text in comparison to the 1995 mini series by the BBC it is apparent that the 2005 film has taken a very different approach and represents the lifestyles and environments extremely differently. I am going to attempt to prove or disprove that a film can or cannot give an accurate historical representation of the period and form some sort of conclusion from it. I firstly began by looking closely at the opening scenes of each of the films and the differences in the representations. Reviewing the opening sequence of Pride And Prejudice (BBC 1995) we begin with a ‘misted’ camera shot panning over elegant embroidery and refined materials to a classic piano soundtrack, connoting elegance and class as the camera slowly pans through an array of pinks and creams, the materials are lavish and very expensive looking, again connoting class and elegance and establishing ideals for the opening scene. We then progress to a short snippet scene of Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy on horseback, the long shot of them riding establishes the two men and the short dialogue between the two sets the high social scene for us and serves as an establishing plot starter for the audience the music carried on from the opening sequence also adds to this. As the camera follows them out of the field it zooms out to give us a long shot and again establishes the setting and surroundings. The camera then serves as a P.O.V shot from a distance and eventually pans round to reveal Elizabeth Bennett. The close up shot of her face suggests an she has an air of elegance. Her face and hair are flawless, she is well groomed and her clothes are pastel and pure white. The camera then follows her on her journey home until we arrive at the Bennett

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