Chapter 3 - Great Gastby Essay

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The implication of chapter 3 scrutinizes Nicks character whilst the introduction of Gatsby is introduced. Fitzgerald begins the chapter with an extravagant description of the party which is in past tense. He describes the ‘liveliness’ that is surrounding his mysterious neighbour Gatsby by using similes and sibilance throughout the paragraph. ‘THERE WAS MUSIC from my neighbour’s house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens men and women came and went like moths.’ This simile reinforces Gatsby’s personality; it informs the reader how ‘popular’ Gatsby is as he personifies the ‘men and women’ as ‘moths’ stating how known Gatsby is, and also shows how interesting this mysterious character is; already giving the reader a chance to change their views on him from chapter one. This simile also illustrates the qualities about his home. The use of sibilance gives the reader the constancy of this hissing sound which describes how ‘free’ and ‘loud’ he is. Fitzgerald greets us to Gatsby in an almost anti-climatic fashion, through Nicks misunderstanding he is forced to introduce himself 'I'm Gatsby ' which doesn't seem to fit with the suspense that was building around the character, as Nick described him so fantastically in previous chapters we would expect his introduction to be on a much grander scale as they were very contrasting. However, Gatsby was introduced unexpectedly as he seemed very polite ‘I’m afraid I’m not a very good host’ this emphasises his politeness to Nick, he seems like a very genuine man. He then regenerates the majestic qualities surrounding the character when describing his smile as 'one that you would only see once in five years' however Nick then changes his speech describing Gatsby as 'absurd'. His flippant tone represents the frequent change of opinion surrounding Gatsby. Jordan too 'doesn't believe' some of the stories surrounding Gatsby,

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