Precedents Set by George Washington

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Precedents Set By George Washington George Washington was aware that many of his actions would be regarded as precedents. Here are three precedents that Washington established: 1. Washington created the first Presidential Cabinet. Who was on the Cabinet, and what Departments did they represent? Who is on the Cabinet today, and what Departments do they represent? George Washington’s cabinet included four members: Thomas Jefferson Secretary of State, Alexander Hamilton Secretary of Treasury, Henry Knox and Attorney General Edmund Randolph were both Secretary of War. 2. Washington was the first President to leave office after two terms. Is that precedent still followed today? Why or why not? Congress passed the 22nd Amendment stating that a president shall not serve more than two terms. This precedent is still being followed today. This was enforced after President Roosevelt whom was the only president that served more than two terms. Congressmen wondered if presidents would become some form of dictators if there was no limit in the presidential office. 3. Washington was the first to establish foreign policy, and issued the Proclamation of Neutrality. What situation did this proclamation address? What agency advises the President on foreign policy today? What is the role of this agency? George Washington Proclamation of Neutrality was issued during the conflicts between France and Great Britain. The Department of State advises the president on foreign policies. According to the Department of State website, their role is to negotiate treaties and agreements with foreign entities and represent the United States at the United Nations.
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