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Pretty in Pink Review June’ Dawson Pretty in Pink is an important film in pop culture, specifically the 80’s. Essential parts of the 80’s popular culture were the teen movies, particularly ones featuring the “Brat Pack”. The Brat Pack consisted of a group of young actors who starred in films together in the 1980’s. Two members of the infamous Brat Pack were Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald. They are the main characters in the movie Pretty in Pink. Pretty in Pink depicts the teenage love affair between Andie, a poor and unpopular girl from the “wrong side of the tracks” and Blane a rich and popular guy. The movie is presented as a twist on the Cinderella story, and effectively it is. Andie, an underprivileged Cinderella, has to choose between two prom princes, a rich guy of her dreams (Blane), or the person who dedicated his life to her (Duckie). The story throughout the film follows sequential order of Andie and Blane falling in love and dealing with each several obstacles. Andie is bright, beautiful, a talented fashion designer and independent. Her mother walked out on her and her father three years prior. Her father sick with heartbreak cannot hold down a job and Andie is forced to pick up the pieces. In order to help support her household Andie works at a mall record store owned by her mentor, Iona. Iona, acts as a mentor to Andie, however she suffers from “peter pan syndrome” and has love issues of her own. Andie’s best friend Duckie is endearing, quirky and has a great sense of humor. He also is secretly in love with Andie and worships the ground she walks on. Blane is one of the “richies”, he is handsome, charming, wealthy and of course popular. He sees something special in Andie and develops an attraction to her. He begins to pursue her to the dismay of his best friend fellow “richies” Steff, and invites her to their prom. Blane also attempts
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