Plaza Hotel, Beginning Of Luxury Hotel

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Plaza hotel In America’s high society in the early 1900s there were three groups. They were powered politicians, super rich industrialists and celebrities. A lot of these people were second generations from Europe including aristocrats. Their parents liked living in big mansions, just like they did in Europe. However with these second generations, they did not wanted to live in the big mansions far away from the city center. They wanted to live in a place where it was a social gathering and at the same time providing all the services which they were accustomed to. For this generation, The Plaza hotel was the optimal choice. It was like the Titanic that never sank. The Plaza began its construction in 1905, when Gates and his partner bought the land in front of Central Park for 3 Million dollars. They decided to construct a building for the privileged class of New York. The building was a sky scraper based on the French chateau. They built the interiors with the finest materials from Europe. Tiles, marvel stones, gold, crested china, silverware and crystal chandeliers were all imported from Europe to fit the taste of the rich. They have spent 12.5 million dollars to complete the building. The Plaza was a hotel back then as it is presently. However, many of the super rich lived in that hotel permanently. I said before that they were generations who lived in European styles, where they had butlers, maids, cooks, and many others who provided them a full service and a social gathering place. The Plaza hotel was the obvious solution to their needs. Many of the super riches actually had The Plaza hotel as their permanent address. To keep these picky people happy, The Plaza needed to keep them entertained. They offered ballroom dancing, finest cuisines from all over the world. They built a private club for the men, the oak room, where they played cards, had drinks and
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