Plantation System Essay

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Why did Britain use the plantation system so much? The plantation system was a way of creating an efficient economic system and structure which worked on the bases of that it would be fuelled by the hard labour of mainly black African slaves in order to maximise the production and output of commodities such as rice, Tabaco and sugar in order to fully maximise profit without losing a lot of money at the same time. The first reason as to why the plantation system was used is that it provided an organised structure of which the “gang system” was utilised, it worked by grouping slaves in terms of their age and strength and gender group 1 consisted of the big strong African males where the slaves that would lead the groups in order to cut down sugar canes you could say they concentrated on mainly heavy duty work, group 2 would be the ones behind group1 who clear the path of grass and do an average days’ work on the fields of the plantations and would also do house work they consisted of women and young children, group 3 where the ones that would bring food and refreshments to the other groups they were basically “the oil that ran the machine” they consisted of the elderly and pregnant women. This developed an effective hierarchal system that was based around the slave’s efficiency and ability. This all developed a structure of teamwork for the slaves this allowed them to work together more efficiently it also gave the slaves a sense of friend ship this would have also allowed the slaves to work harder as well. Another reason as to why the plantation system was used is because it maximised and took advantage of the long hours the slaves could work for. An example of this would be the working day of the Jamaican sugar slaves which averaged to 18 hours with only 5 hours to wash, eat and sleep and straight away the next morning that whole cycle would repeat it’s self.
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