Physical Security Policy

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Associate Level Material Appendix E Physical Security Policy University of Phoenix IT/244 Intro to IT Security Physical Security Policy Due in Week Five: Outline the Physical Security Policy. Merkow and Breithaupt (2006) state, “an often overlooked connection between physical systems (computer hardware) and logical systems (the software that runs on it) is that, in order to protect logical systems, the hardware running them must be physically secure” (p.165). Describe the policies for securing the facilities and the policies of securing the information systems. Outline the controls needed for each category as relates to your selected scenario. These controls may include the following: • Physical controls (such as perimeter security controls, badges, keys and combination locks, cameras, barricades, fencing, security dogs, lighting, and separating the workplace into functional areas) • Technical controls (such as smart cards, audit trails or access logs, intrusion detection, alarm systems, and biometrics) • Environmental or life-safety controls (such as power, fire detection and suppression, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) 1 Security of the building facilities 1 Physical entry controls We will implore a RF-ID system of badges that will be linked to an online security system that also uses facial recognition system to control access to sensitive areas like vault and record keeping rooms. 2 Security offices, rooms and facilities Each security office will be link by an active intercom system and video link so that if any of the offices become compromised it will be able to immediately notify the other stations that there has been a break in, and access to each of the secured rooms are to be controlled by the active RF-ID system and facial recognition system 3

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