Personal Goals Essay

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Personal Goals

Personal Goals
At times professional nurses think about going back to school. Obtaining my bachelor’s of science in nursing, (BSN), has been a long-term, professional goal. To be successful, one needs to have professional goals, personal goals, techniques to break down barriers, and vital skills to reach goals. Everyone has different goals and ways of achieving them. To achieve goals one has to decide on a professional and a personal goal and decide whether it will be a long-term or a short-term goal. To successfully reach these goals, one must learn essential skills as well as how to break down barriers, which may delay the progress in reaching the desired goals.

Long-term and short-term professional goals are important to have a successful career. Obtaining my BSN is a long-term goal that will advance my professional career. Entering school requires proficient writing that will develop my short-term goal of acquiring better writing skills. For several years I considered returning to school. This year, I finally decided to take the plunge and thought that this was the right time in my life to do so. Obtaining my BSN will open doors of opportunities in management by allowing me to apply for nursing positions at any hospital that require a BSN. Taking advantage of these opportunities will enable me to move forward with my career. Should I wish to teach in the future, possessing a BSN will allow me to set a new long-term goal of teaching nursing classes at a city college. Teaching at a city college will give me the opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge acquired in the BSN program allowing me to incorporate it into my teaching. While in school, pursuing a BSN degree, I will develop better writing skills, making me more proficient at writing. The BSN curriculum requires proficient writing, and with the submission of vast amount of papers,
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