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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing MKT/421 Marketing August 6, 2013 University of Phoenix Thorr Motorcycles: Perceptual Maps in Marketing Cruiser Thorr is a motorcycle model constructed in resemblance to Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. With its sturdy, trustworthy, and reliable product design, Thorr Motorcycles was competent to symbolize the same ideas that their faithful customs live, such as a free spirited lifestyle, mobility, and reliability. This summary depicts the Perceptual Maps in marketing simulation by explaining the situation, suggesting solutions, and consequences of the simulation. Additionally, a summary of marketing parts from the simulation will be incorporated. Thorr Motorcycles appeared exceptionally successful in its marketing attempt, which moved their higher end motorcycle models to the next grade. Thorr Motorcycles maintained a 40 percent market share because of iconic brand loyalty. For extended period, sales had decreased. This appeared largely because of constant changing market demographics that seemed characteristic of a…show more content…
An expensive item is more likely to last than one that was madepoorly. In Thorr Motorcycles case, their name is synonymous with quality and reliability. Thorr Motorcycles customers know they are spending their money on an item unlike any other and that will not be able to find from another motorcycle company. While the competition offers similar products at reasonable prices, customers will not be purchasing an item back with years of testing and quality control. Thorr Motorcycles are made to last and are a recognized brand among motorcycle aficionados. A well maintained Thorr motorcycle can maintain or gain value after years and will be become a vintage luxury item that can appeal to collectors and brand

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