P4 Health and Social Public Health

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Environmental factors Housing The link between housing and health status is probably best explained as housing being an indicator for income deprivation, or social class. Those on low income are more likely to be living in poor housing conditions experiencing overcrowding, poor washing and cooking facilities, damp and disrepair. Children who live in such houses with damp are known to have higher than usual rates of respiratory conditions like asthma and other communicable infections which are transmitted more easily in overcrowded condititions. Childhood accident rates are also highest in areas of high destiny housing where play facilities are limited and it is difficult for parents to supervise children at play outside. Pollution Pollution can be said to have occurred when the environment is negatively affected in some way. Pollution comes in many forms including pollution to land, air, water and aesthetic pollution. Many of these forms of pollution have the potential to bring about long-term damage to both the environmental and human health and well-being on a global and national scale. It is argued that pollution should be monitored and measured to allow action to be taken to reduce the amount of all kinds of pollution. We can also include indoor air pollution in an exploration of the home environment. For example, inhaling other peoples tobacco smoke. Lifestyle factors Binge Drinking Alcohol related problems can lead to ill health and premature death. Especially through cirrhosis of the liver, and through alcohol related violence resultiing in emergency admissioin to hospital. Whilst the focus has been on how alcohol related illnesses can affect the middle aged, binge drinking is increasingly of concern, affecting bot teen agers and younger adults, and becoming an all too frequent way to spend a night out. In addition to alcohol-related crime and many

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