Examples Of Alcohol Crisis Intervention

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Alcohol Crisis Intervention BSHS/471 Alcohol Crisis Intervention Alcohol dependency can play a huge role when it comes to dealing with certain situations. A person who is depressed may turn to alcohol to alleviate these problems. Alcohol has a negative effect on relationships, mental, physical, and emotional states. The users who depend on alcohol to suppress these emotions and issues put him or her in harms way. Alcohol can be physically damaging for many aspects of the body including important organs such as the liver and pancreas. Being dependent on alcohol is a strong sign that a person must receive proper and professional help to deal with alcohol dependency. There are many different types of help and programs for individuals…show more content…
Concerning chemical dependency along with the increase of technology addiction has become a more treatable. An important factor to remember is that people are different and respond to different approaches of treatment. Proper assessment of a client is one of the first things that a worker must do so he or she can acquire a better understanding of what type of treatment is need. Acquiring a wider variety of treatment programs and the use of advance technology helps aid those in need of a successful treatment. When finding a proper treatment program a worker must consider the persons particular needs like his or her personality, background, mental condition, and alcohol experience. With new research becoming readily available the increase of success becomes apparent. Various treatment components are considered when finding the proper treatment program for individuals. Two ways to categorize a treatment program are for people that are biologically based like pharmacotherapeutic treatment. People who are behaviorally or psychosocially based include residential or inpatient treatment programs. Alcohol addiction can be treated by self-help programs like AA, counseling, and behavior modification. With the increase of technology and research a person effectively can become free of his or her addiction because of the diversity of treatment that has become…show more content…
Not only is it important for the client to realize that alcohol will not effectively help he or she in the situation, but support from others is useful. Family and friends who can support the client in the help for change can give the abuser the motivation and support needed to further move on with life. Counseling, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other support groups should be continued until the client has no further use of alcohol. Positive motivation, hobbies, and activities should be reinforced along with counseling to assess the client over a number of

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