Our Love Now

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Explore how the writer conveys his attitudes on love in ‘Our Love Now’. Use examples of the language from the poem to support your answer. The writers’ attitudes in ‘Our Love Now’ portray both a male persona longing for love and a persona who describes their love as ‘forever dead’. Their views contrast throughout the poem and so this makes it seem as though it is a conversation between the two personas about their love that once was. The writer conveys his attitudes in such a way that the reader feels involved in the relationship as though it was ‘somehow incomplete’ without the consumer. This is done throughout the variety of language used, such as metaphors, emotive language and modal verbs. This poem can be read either horizontally or vertically, and depending on which way you read it, it can have an effect on how you interpret the poem and the writer’s attitudes. The writer uses metaphors to compare love to physical injuries and their surrounding connotations. In the first verse, he compares love to a wound that it currently in the healing process. He uses the phrase ‘and once more becomes whole/the cut will mend, and such/is our relationship.’ to suggest how their love is slowly repairing and returning to the way it used to be, the cut will mend and their relationship also has this chance. The extent of the damage is emphasised by the language as he compares the destruction to something so graphic that this metaphor also paints a picture in your head, so it is also a form of imagery. This works well as the reader can really picture what is happening here and connect to the poem. The writer shows the positive outcome from this negative situation even though the word ‘cut’ has many negative connotations attached to it. Whilst on the subject of metaphors, the writer uses them for the female persona in such a way that they are twisted and used against the male
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