Osteochondroma Essay

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Osteochondroma is occurring in the bone surface, the surface covered with warty bone cartilage cap uplift. Osteochondroma is the most common bone tumors, benign bone tumor accounts for about 1 / 3. The tumor more common in 11 to 20 years old, about 40%. With solitary and multiple two types, which is far more common solitary, multiple by an autosomal dominant genetic disease, multiple bone involvement of the Commissioner, accompanied by bending or bone dysplasia and shortening deformity. But whether single or multiple, their similar morphology. This tumor occurs in the metaphysis of long bone, especially in distal femur, proximal tibia is most prevalent, followed by the proximal humerus, and foot bones were very few at. Tumor size ranging in diameter is generally 3 ~ 4cm, large by up to 10cm or more. Tumor type and can be divided into broad-based pedicle two kinds, bulge outward from the bone surface, the surface was hemispherical, cauliflower-like or polypoid. Osteochondroma of the structure is more special, and can be divided into three layers. surface as a thin layer of fibrous tissue, namely cartilage, and connected to the adjacent periosteum; the middle is a cartilage cap slightly by the pale blue hyaline cartilage, whose thickness varies with the patient's age, the younger, cartilage cap thicker; in adults, very thin cartilage cap, or almost disappeared in the 1 ~ 5mm thickness and more between the microscope and the normal soft growth plate is similar to t he cartilage surface than immature cells and matrix organization, the more near the bottom The more mature, at the junction of mature cartilage cells were arranged in columnar, and calcification and ossification of the phenomenon. the main body of the tumor at the base, often accounting for much of the tumor, the composition of sponge-like cancellous bone, trabecular bone and more fibrous tissue between,

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