Orenthal J. Simpson Case Analysis Essay

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Case Analysis Assignment-The Trial of Orenthal J. Simpson April 7th, 2013 Fundamentally, the burden of proof falls on the prosecution and means that they are required to present evidence during a trial that must prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the defendant did in fact commit the crime they are being charged with. The burden of proof entails that the prosecution present evidence that is accurate of the guilt of the defendant and in addition persuade the jury that the evidence presented establishes that guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The Latin meaning of prima facie is first look. It refers to criminal prosecution wherein the evidence previous to the trial is satisfactory to prove a case except there is significant ambiguous evidence given at the trial. Subsequent to the prosecution putting on the total of its evidence, the defense attorney will customarily ask for a dismissal of the charges due to lack of sufficient evidence. It is the prosecutor’s job to present sufficient evidence to establish the elements of the crime. The court does not…show more content…
Simpson case is vital to the study of criminal justice and prosecution being that the restrictions that were obvious in the testimonies of the witnesses and evidence. As a consequence incorrect verdicts were made regarding the case for the reasons that there was evidence that could not be used like the blood samples and the detectives that gave testimonies that were ambiguous. Furthermore, before any case is taken to trial the state and the defense need to be absolutely certain that they have sufficient evidence in order to maintain their case, especially since a case can be dismissed based on the prima facie evidence provided. Studying this case has certainly changed my perspective because it was obvious that more was needed to be accomplished previous to closing remarks were
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