Opposition To Vaccinations

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In a controversial discussion of vaccinations, a prominent issue is safety and the risks that they pose. While some argue that vaccinations are safe and effective, others contend that they are harmful and unreliable. I, however, am fully confident in modern medicine and the positive effects that vaccines have to offer. On one hand, I do agree with the fact that there can be dangerous side effects when it comes to getting vaccinated. In contrast, the small risk of side effects greatly outweighs getting these potentially life threatening diseases such as polio, HPV, and hepatitis. What risks would you (or your children) be willing to take to avoid these vaccinations? This world is composed of many passionate people. Some of which believe that God gave them everything they need to heal themselves, and no drugs or vaccinations should be injected or ingested into their bodies. It is also believed that vaccines are causing autism. Though I concede that getting vaccinated can be somewhat dangerous, I still maintain the idea that they should not be the sole reason to blame for the fact that children are being diagnosed with autism. There has been no concrete evidence that there is a direct correlation between being immunized and this neurological disorder. Generally administered to toddlers 12-15 months old, the extremely common vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella, (MMR) supposedly causes a gastrointestinal syndrome in children that are more susceptible. Such syndrome allows unspecified toxins to be released into the bloodstream, thus triggering autism. Recently arisen, is the idea that the relationship between the implementation of the MMR vaccine and autism is a tragic coincidence. Parents of autistic children report their kids growing up completely normal for approximately the first year of life. After getting their children vaccinated, they begin to see their

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