One Hundred Years of Solitude Precis

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Adel Khan Precis Mrs. Dettmann Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. One Hundred Years of Solitude. Editorial Sudamericans, 1967. One Hundred Years of Solitude begins as a story about a peaceful Mexican village called Macando that is captured in a vicious cycle of doom. The town was not governed by anyone but the citizens themselves as it remained in solitude for a course of one hundred years. The book also defines the life of the town’s creator and his family, the Buendias. Each generation of family members was given similar names; either Aureliano or Jose Arcadio for the men and Ursula, Amaranta, or Remedios for the woman; to show that each generation is destined to repeat the same mistakes and overcome the greatest triumphs in the malicious cycles. Jose Arcadio Buendia is conflicted with his own solitude when he wants nothing to do but spend hours in his lab working on new inventions of science, up until he sees his children without a father figure and begins to change his way of life. Jose Arcadio, the eldest son, inherits his father’s brute strength and impulse which leads him to becoming a powerful dictator when Macando is falling. His brother, Aureliano Buendia inherits his father’s curiosity and heart which leads him into the role as the leader of the Rebel party and the appointment of colonel. The daughter, Amaranta, inherits nothing from her father and ends up dying young with a bitter and cold heart towards Rebecca, the adopted daughter. Much of the story tells tale to the civil wars that broke out in the peaceful village once it had made contact with neighboring villages in its area. The village is slowly brought to its knees as death and violence spreads through the town which was foreseen by Arcadio Buendia’s wife, Ursula. She has been working hard to keep her family together, despite their differences; as well as attempting to keep sanity in the village and when
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