Oedipus Rex Essay

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Tharyn Coe Mr. Mays 3rd Period 9/17/13 Oedipus: A True Definition of A Tragic Hero The Poet, Aristotle laid the foundation that is today the basis of ancient Greek Tragedy. His connection was simplicity when he talked about “pity and fear”. He soon developed the structure of the tragic hero and told of the four characteristics that a tragic hero must have. These four traits are greatly influenced in the Greek Hero Oedipus Rex. Oedipus exhibits a noble birth in which he is born into a wealthy family. He also indicates that he has a character flaw in which the audience realizes that he has a flaw in his role. His character also has a change of fortune in his flaw in correlation to realizing that his downfall was his own fault. The first characteristic of a Greek hero is that he must undergo a noble birth. Oedipus displays this trait in the play because he was born to King Laios and Queen Lacaste indicating that he was born to a wealthy home. Oedipus’ fate is soon tested when it is said “It was said that the boy would kill his own father” (Sophocles 19). This quote indicates the fact that Oedipus would have to kill his own father in order to marry his mother. Oedipus soon realizes his birth was something that had to be either a mistake or fate. In the quote, “Child by Laios doomed to die” (Sophocles 66) .Oedipus shows his identity of a tragic hero because in this quote, the fate of his birth was soon detailed that he was eventually bound to die. His noble birth is best portrayed when it is said “ O Marriage, O Marriage The act endangered me, and again the act performed by the son in the same bed” (Sophocles 75). This quote tells that his mother was his wife and that the same woman who raised him is the same woman he is courting. The second trait that identifies a tragic hero tells that a tragic hero must have a tragic character flaw. Oedipus displays this
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