Ocean Park - Diebenkorn

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Art, the medium by which humans have for millennia conveyed emotion, sentiment and historic implication. While the form in which art comes widely varies, one common aspect between all pieces of art is its aesthetic value. As a physical manner of expression, all artists must take into account visual appeal, for what is art without a visual component? The answer is simple – nothing. You would be left with little more than fundamental theory and intention, but with nothing tangible to show for it. Art is, in essence, simply a number of optical constituents combined with mental elements such as meaning, and message. When surveying Diebenkorn’s “Ocean Park” (of the exact number in the series I am unsure), the first things I noticed was shape, and color. Though the painting overall did not take any recognizable form, I observed that it was broken down into rudimentary geometric shapes, namely rectangles. As with such shapes, there was a general lack of roundness in the painting which I found interesting, as such regular shapes paired with the intensity of the irregular colors perfectly juxtaposed one another, creating a uniform widespread focal point throughout the entire painting. In terms of design principles, Diebenkorn employs a number of such devices. Though one would expect linear shapes to create precise points of symmetry, the presence of so many rectangles and other geometric elements scattered throughout this piece resulted in creating a highly asymmetrical effect. Contrast is also heavily used, as was previously mentioned, the acute distinction between inconsistent color and uniform shape causes the viewer’s attention to be drawn towards the work as a whole, instead of a singular point of focus. The use of variety may additionally be noted. Sharp edges somehow form an intricate relationship with both intense and mild colors alike. What exactly was
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