O Connor The Misfit Character Analysis

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Re: A good man is hard to find Are O’Connor’s characters realistic? Are they likeable? How does O’Connor make them funny? Yes, O’ Connors’ characters are very realistic. In some sense they are likeable and throughout the story O’Connor makes them funny. I think they are realistic because they portray real-life people. The grandmother is very caring for her family (her sole reason for not wanting to go to Florida in the first place because she heard about “The Misfits” escape from prison). She also was the first to flag down the [misfit and his gang] approaching car after the accident. She seems very religious which was common for older women back in those days (assuming this story took place in the 50’s) and refers to God several times in her final dealing with “The Misfit”. She tries to woo…or…show more content…
Along with her telling him that he should not call himself “The Misfit” because he is a good man at heart. Both of those are attempts to save her life, which is what most people would do in real- life in such a situation. Bailey is a typical father, not directing any attention when he feels his mother is talking non-sense about “The Misfit’s” escape from prison while reading the sports section of the newspaper. Bailey did not want to detour to look for the old house in the first place. However, it was pressure from his mother and his children that lead him to detour off-road to look for this old house that his mother so much wanted to see and that his children were pestering him about. Like most men he did what he thought was necessary to get them to stop pestering him. June Star leaning over her mother’s shoulder in the car and whining about how they never got to do anything that they wanted to do is a common trait of a small child. “I don’t want to hold hands with him he reminds me of a pig” she says about Hiram, and

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