Nursing Roles and Values Task 1

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Nursing Roles and Values Task 1
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Nursing Roles and Values Task 1
In addition to the medical services such as administering medications and monitoring vital signs, nurses have a responsibility to deliver human services as well. One example of this is the nurse’s responsibility to uphold the ethical and moral duties to the patients and their families. This covers various aspects from respecting cultural beliefs to ensuring that patients and their families have sufficient information to make decisions regarding their treatment options.
The Georgia Board of Nursing lists twelve standards related to a registered nurse’s responsibility as a member of the nursing profession. The sixth standard states that a nurse must “maintain each patient/client’s right to privacy by protecting confidential information unless obligated, by law, to disclose the information”. (Georgia Registered Professional Nurse Practice Act, 1981/2011) I believe this standard was not upheld in this case study on several instances. When Ms. H was greeted in a waiting room occupied by other visitors, Dr. K began to discuss Mr. E’s condition with her in spite of the knowledge that she was not listed as the medical power of attorney and there was no proof of her relationship to Mr. E. The nurse made no effort to stop this conversation and take Ms. H to a more private location to wait for her uncle, Mr. Y. In addition to this action, Mr. E’s private health information was breached with Ms. H and her boyfriend under HIPAA guidelines. Reasonable accommodations were not made to prevent others in the waiting room from hearing this private information.
Under Provision 5.4 of the ANA Code of Ethics, the nurse is in violation of the Preservation of integrity when he or she acts “in a way that is inconsistent with the values or ethics of the profession”. ("Code of Ethics for

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