Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons Essay

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Nuclear Power: Disaster? Daemond Turgeon SCI 207 Prof. Jody Emeterio January 24, 2012 Nuclear Power: A Disaster? All energy sources have drawbacks. Even the clean hydropower option has negative ramifications. In the old days (the early 1900’s) the word “nuclear” made people think of war. Back than people were very worried about nuclear bombs and the great damage that could become of them. Now a days people are much less worried about “nuclear” weapons and are more concerned about nuclear energy because they feel that nuclear energy could help things such as global warming. Sense the early 1900’s there have been many different theories blogged about by scientists that show that the idea could be a substitute for our current energy source. Even though many people believe that history sometimes repeats itself we as a whole go along doing the same things that we did before thinking that there could be different results, but sense we all know that every energy source out today has its setbacks and positive results: scientists have created and somehow stabilized the much needed power sources of nuclear energy. According to, Neutrons were discovered by a man named Enrico Fermi who was awarded a Nobel peace prize because of it. Fermi was born in Rome on September 29th, 1901. In 1923 he was awarded a scholarship from the Italian Government and later moved to Leyden to work with P. Ehrenfest, and later that same year returned to Italy to occupy for two years the post of Lecturer in Mathematical Physics and Mechanics and the University of Florence. During the early years of his career in Rome he occupied himself with electrodynamics problems and with theoretical investigations on various spectroscopic phenomena. But a capital turning-point came when he directed his attention from the outer electrons towards the atomic nucleus itself. In

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