Pros And Cons Of Atomic Bombing

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The Atomic bomb is a highly dangerous destructive weapon. it’s effects are beyond horrible talking about it so just imagine what it was like for mostly innocent beings experiencing it. So in my essay i will give factual information too why they atomic bomb was uncalled for and plenty unnecessary.So here I will describe list the pros an cons of why the dropping of the America was not justified.We all know that the atomic was dropped on a well populated civllian area. Its main effect is the cause for radiation which leads to long term health issues such as cancer an deformed babies being born for those who were pregnant for the most part. To begin with, on why the United States were not justified in dropping the atomic bomb.Here is a question that can leave the reader thinking to why the attack was not thought through in a well mannered process.Which is that it was not military necessary because the United States Navy were firmly against it because it contradicted the naval blockade which was very encouraging to get Japan to end the war. Also the air force were not encouraging the bombing simply because General Carl Spaatz argued vigorously that Japan…show more content…
Many believe that the bombings were justified because it is said too have prevented millions of deaths that would have occurred due to an allied invasion of Japan. While others talk about how it ended WW2 and brought supposedly justice and glory too Americans and it’s nation. They have failed too realize that all of this is temporary and can or should be acceptable of the damage and facts that show more bad than good was done over history. The united States at the time states that they saved on resources which is true because dropping the atomic bombs they were fire bombing cities in Japan using up tons of fuel,planes,and bombs achieving the same effect as the atomic bomb and killing just as many

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