Nt1330 Unit 3 Research Assignment 1

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08/20/2012 IT221 Research Assignment 1 There are 7 total editions of Windows Server 2008: 3 Windows Server Editions and 4 Special Purpose Editions. The reason for these multiple editions is to serve a variety of users with a variety of needs. The first of the “Server” editions is named Datacenter geared towards supporting mission-critical applications. The significance of this version is the ability for Large-Scale Virtualization, workloads requiring high scalability, reliability, and availability. It will help logically consolidate servers, streamline management, and increase the availability of your systems. The next edition named Enterprise which aims to tackle disruption in service. It achieves this by having high availability using features like Failover Clustering and Server Core. The third is named Standard edition probably due to the fact that even if it is the least powerful of the three, it still meets a certain standard. It has many streamlining management benefits that include improved datacenter power consumption management, remote administration, and compliance with established standards and best practices. In addition to these 3 Server Editions, there are also 4 Special Purpose Editions. The first of which is named Web Server; I’m sure the name itself gives a good indication of its specialty. It helps…show more content…
Server 2008 has a version of this called Hyper-V. There is a Hyper-V Manager that allows for installation of virtual machines and allocation of hardware resources for them to use. There are a few advantages one being server consolidation; consolidating the functions of several servers by running several virtual machines on a single computer. Another is testing and education; you can prevent your main operating system from contamination by testing software products to

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