Nora and Torvald

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Explain how you would direct the actors playing Nora and Torvald in their first scene together at the start of the plan and in their final exchanges at the end In order to reveal the change in their relationship. The relationship between Nora and Torvald are very representative of the time period in which a Doll’s house is set, Torvald, the husband is head of the household and is the most important in the family status as he controls the family lifestyle according to his own views. Nora is a stereotypical woman of this era as she is the lady that does everything in the house, cleaning, cooking etc however she also has another side to her, which is a very manipulative and patronising side, she knows how to control Torvald. In the opening scene, Nora comes in very pleased with herself, she comes in with her parcels in her hand and skips over to the table and places her parcels on the table to the right of the stage, as she puts it all down she places her hand in her pocket and takes out a bag of macaroons, she eats a few and then gentle laughs to herself contentedly. She then sneakily “Tiptoes across and listens at her husband’s door” she is hesitant to open the door so she places her ear on the door, there is a spotlight on the door. She made no sound yet Torvald realises she is home, he says, “is that my skylark twittering out there?” Torvald would then increase the volume on ‘my’ to convey Torvald’s authority and also to reflect the ownership he has over Nora. Continuing on, Torvald is very patronising to Nora, he is a stereotypical man in the time period, as he doesn’t let Nora have her own view and opinions. Torvald squawks “Oh, Nora Nora, How like a woman!” Torvald would say this in a low pitch with high volume to highlight the control Torvald has of Nora. Nora innocently says back, “Very well, Torvald. As you say” Nora drops her head and drags her feet
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