Noise Pollution Essay

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Noise Pollution Solutions Noise pollution solutions aim in containing, absorbing and canceling the sources of unwanted noise. Some of the best solutions for noise pollution include automobile and machine servicing, soundproofing homes, tree plantation, loudspeaker prohibition and noise canceling machines. Noise pollution is defined as the generation of unwelcome and displeasing sound in the environment. Among the various sources of noise pollution, automobiles, aircraft and other transport systems contribute the maximum sound production. Hence, we can say that the root cause of noise pollution is transportation machines. Other noise pollution causes include industrial machinery, office equipment, vehicular horns, car alarms, sirens and audio speakers. Noise pollution affects humans and animals both in their behavioral and physiological health. If you are residing in a noisy area, where you cannot rest and relax properly, then you are at a high risk of developing certain health conditions. Some of the noise pollution effects include fatigue, stress, restlessness, irritation, distraction, sleep disorder and hearing loss. Recent studies also suggest that unwanted noise exacerbates hypertension and cardiovascular symptoms. Considering these negative impacts of unwanted noise on human health, it is high time that we should enforce noise pollution solutions. Solutions for Noise Pollution Unlike other types of environmental issues such as air and water pollution, noise or sound is transient or short-lived. Thus, once you stop generating sound, the noise pollution problem is solved. The main objective behind noise pollution solutions is to absorb, contain and cancel the source of noise. The following is a list of the effective noise pollution solutions or noise pollution remedies that will help in combating the various health effects of noise pollution.

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