No Country For Old Men

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“No Country For Old Men” Scene where Llewelyn Moss gets killed by the Mexican gang. Literary Terms: 1) Point of view plays a major role in this scene since the majority of this film is looked at from Moss’ perspective. Since he gets killed, the entire film is changed. 2) I also believe that a theme was shown in this scene. I say this because you had began to believe Moss was going to get away with this whole thing. But then all of the sudden he is murdered. The theme would be “expect the unexpected”. 3) Imagery plays a very small role in this scene, but it plays a role. The scene prior a few Mexicans follow Moss’ wife and mother-in-law and get information out of them of where he was staying. This was a hint or a symbol that they were looking for him. Dramatic Aspects: 1) Something that was overstated in this scene was the Mexican who was shot in the leg. As Sheriff Ed Tom Bell walks over to see Moss’ corps, the Mexican lays there on his stomach in pain screaming trying to crawl away even though his gang already had left him. This added much more pain and a dramatic side to the scene 2) Something that was very understated in this scene was how the Sheriff didn’t say a word in this entire scene. He saw the Mexican gang driving away shooting from the motel, and he just drives casually to the room Moss’ corps is laying in. Everything leading up to him getting in the room added much suspense, because you didn’t know if Moss was in fact dead. Cinematic Aspects: 1) a close up is of the Sheriff’s face as he is driving towards to the hotel. You can tell he is on a mission. 2) a high angle is used to show Moss’ dead corps and everything lying on the ground on the way to seeing his body. This shows weakness, in the matter that Moss is dead. 3) A pan shot is taken when the Sheriff is looking around the hotel room. This gives you a chance

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