Night a Book About Elie Wiesel Essay

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Night is a book about Elie Wiesel. He lived through the concentration camps during the Second World War and lived to tell about it. We will discuss how Elie’s story relates to the Jewish identity narrative. Elie’s father and God played a big role in his story, and we will discuss both and find relations between the two. We will also find what was most significant and the purpose of Elie’s writing this book. Jews in general have had it rough for a very long time. Finding their identity and keeping from being assimilated, has been a continuing struggle for the Jews even today. Jewish identity is not only about their religion but culture. Identity can be of course religion beliefs, food, thoughts, habits and even if their born from a Jew mother. We can find a lot of relations with Jewish identity in Elie’s story. Before the camp, Elie studied the Kabbalah. Even do the Kabbalah exist outside of the normal Jewish scriptures, it holds ground in Jewish identity. Elie’s community lived in Sighet. The community kept their customs and believes alive. They celebrated Rosh Hashanah each year and kept the strong family ties that Jews are so known for. After Elie was taken to the concentration camp, he kept the identity alive. A lot of the captives including Elie, started to curse God and stop Rosh Hashanah. That was exactly what the Germans wanted: to erase all identity the Jews had for themselves. But even after having these thoughts, they made time to pray. To keep their spirits alive and even if they were in the worse condition imaginable, they were able to keep their fate. Elie’s father plays an important role in this story. Elie’s father was a well-known through the community and respected for his advice in public matters. Elie had great respect for his father but was not that close to him. His father was always busy with community affairs and did not pay much attention

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