1.02 Monotheistic Religions World History Honors

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1.02 Monotheistic Religions In what ways is the Holy Land an important site for all three monotheistic faiths? The Holy land is important to members of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religion because they have lived on the Holy land for generations and have important religious sites located here. The land is holy for Christians because this was where God’s son Jesus was born, crucified and where he resurrected from the dead. For Jews, it contains many Jewish synagogues and this land was promised to them by Yahweh. After a number of Jews were enslaved in Egypt and once freed, Moses helped them escape through the dessert and after over 40 years of traveling in the dessert they finally made it to the promise land by Yahweh which was Canaan. The struggle to get to their God’s promise land makes it a holy place. And finally for Muslims, the Holy land contains some Muslim Mosques and the Dome of the rock where it is believed that this is where Muhammad was ascended into heaven. And that makes this one of the holiest places for Muslims. The three major monotheistic religions are sometimes described as branches of the same family tree. If this is true, how would you describe the trunk of the tree? All three religions started off the same patriarch known as Abraham. That’s why these three monotheistic religions are known as the Abrahamic religions because of their common roots. So the trunk of these three religions is Abraham and the descendants or branches of the trunk are his two sons Isaac and Ishmael. Both Jews and Christians believe their religion emerged from Isaac because their founders Moses and Jesus are decedents of Isaac. Muslims believe though that their roots are traced back to Abraham’s other son Ishmael. And that Muhammad their founder is a decedent of Ishmael and created Islam. How are the three major holy books of the monotheistic faiths both

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