Never get off the boat

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The phrase “Never get off the boat” came from the movie Apocalypse Now, and the book Heart of Darkness. This phrase means to rebel, go against, not to follow authority, or rules. The phrase is mentioned a couple times. One of the meanings to it would be to stay sane, another would be to follow orders and be linier. The director of the movie, and the writer of the book makes the phrase a point and you can tell that the phrase has a deeper meaning to it. Never get off the boat to me would mean to me stay in line, and follow rules but as we see in the book and the movie not everybody stays on the bout and even if you are on the boat as soon as you leave your position in the boat bad things will happen. Our first victim that got off the boat was chef. He wanted to get off to get some mangos. Who in their right mind who would get off their task to get mangos? Later we find out that it was a bad idea. Chef and Willard run in to a tiger. They both get scared and run back to the boat. Chef has a mental break down and says “all I want to do it cook. Never get off the boat never get off the boat” Willard responds with. “Never get off the boat unless you are willing to go all the way”. This new phase was a new meaning. I take it as do not go off task unless you are willing to lose it all as in your life, your health, or even your mind. Our second victim was chief he was the one that was the one that was steering the boat. His character was special. He did not say much, all he had to do is drive the boat. As soon as he stepped away from his task he got killed from a spear that went right through his chest. As the boat show no mercy. If you get off task for just a little the boat is not forgiving. I did not think that chief trip on the boat was going to end so early. The boat itself seems like a bad place to be on. Some would argue that the boat is a “safe zone” I don’t
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