Jonah: Discussion Questions

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Jonah Test 1. God told Jonah to go to the city of _____ to preach. A. Rome B. Sodom C. Ninevah 2. Jonah’s response to God’s command was to _____. A. go in the opposite direction B. ask God for more time before going C. go immediately as God had said 3. The men on the ship threw Jonah overboard because _____. A. the ship was too heavy B. they discovered Jonah was the cause of the storm C. their false god demanded it 4. When the sailors threw Jonah overboard _____. A. the storm stopped B. their ship went immediately to land C. they died because of what they had Done 5. When Jonah was in the water _____. A. he drowned B. the waves washed him to shore C. a great fish swallowed him 6. Jonah was released after

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