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Nature vs Nurture Debate, Criminal Tendencies Essay

  • Submitted by: anan891
  • on June 23, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Nature vs Nurture Debate, Criminal Tendencies" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Nature vs. nurture debate
Criminal tendencies (aggression)

In this following project paper I'll be explaining my point view from the nature vs. nurture topic and specifically in criminal tendencies, criminology (a study that focuses on the behavior that violates the criminal law and seeks explanations for that behavior.) and aggression topics. My point of view might not be right; it's just a gathering of information from what I've learned over the past month about this debate. Also one thing I've learned is that it is a debate, there is no right or wrong answer. So what I'll be doing is clarifying the points from the genetics effect which is the nature side and the environmental effects which is the nurture side, to prove my point.

What is the nature and nurture debate?
Until now no one has really discovered a conclusive and fundamental answer to various questions of this debate. And I think no one will know for sure and with full support of evidence that either the nature or the nurture affect is behind how we are today and how we act or react to certain situations.
This debate concerns the influence of nature and nurture, or in other words heredity and environment not just on human behavior and actions but also on animal's behavior and actions.
So, we need to ask ourselves a question. How do we come to be the way we are today? And I'm going to try to explain this from both point of views of the debate and I'll be focusing on criminology and aggression.

Before I get into my topic I need to clarify why the nature vs. nurture is a debate?
From my own perspective and from what I've learned in my classes that heredity and environment depend on each other, for example. If you're born with a gene of aggression then you'll need an environmental affect in some point in your life to trigger that gene and to act upon it, but if you don't have this gene and that same environmental affect occurred in your life it may not have any affect on you or a really small...

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