Narrative Argument About Education Essay

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Narrative Argument About Education Dick Hurtsher Professor Whoever MISC University English 101 Abstract This narrative argument is written to discuss personal opinion on an article written by Alfie Kohn. The main points discussed within are the public school system, vocational job skills of the so called un-educated and what steps schools can take to help their students be well-educated. The purpose of this paper is to show personal opinion and agreement with Kohn. Standardized testing, personal experiences, vocation skills, and life skills are all subtopics that are discussed. The conclusion sums up the intent of the paper and also includes a Bible verse that coincides with knowledge and education. In the realm of education there are many people who achieve college degrees. That does not mean that they are well-educated, some people are good at taking tests, and others slip through the cracks so to speak. Kohn wrote an article in 2003 discussing some facts that still apply to the education system ten years later. I agree with the opinion of Kohn that being well-educated isn’t something that a person can judge another person on because of their scholarly degrees, or on time spent sitting in a classroom. There are three areas that I will discuss. The flawed public school system and how it focuses on standardized testing. The second area of discussion will be vocational job skills of the so called un-educated and the third topic to be discussed is what steps schools can take for children to become well-educated. Education is an interesting topic when people talk about how well-educated someone is and what the general population’s consensus is of the standards of education that are being taught in schools. The focus in most public school systems is passing a standardized testing exam to graduate and go on to college. In Arizona where I

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