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My Thoughts on Jamaica's Linguistic Situation Essay

  • Submitted by: Jamaicaprinces21
  • on March 4, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "My Thoughts on Jamaica's Linguistic Situation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As a student of linguistics, I have exposed to a great deal of information about language; the various considerations and the composition of a language. The Jamaican linguistic situation is with no doubts, controversial.   As a native speaker of the language it is somewhat embedded within me regardless of my educational back grounds and the political influences behind his situation.   Based on my learning Jamaica Creole should not be based on socio-cultural background or politics.   It ought to be meeting the criteria of a language.   Making Creole the official language of Jamaica should definitely be the nation’s priority.
A language originated from our ancestors during the time slavery.   It is a language envied by most highlighted in poetry, the famous reggae and plays.   Other languages have their language systems, so does Creole.   Many say it is somewhat hard write but every language develops its writing system after it has been established.   This lame excuse is due to a lack of enthusiasm, stigmatization and politics.   The Jamaican Creole is unique; it has its set rules or principles like any other language.   Phonology, semantics, morphology, phonetics and syntax; Creole has its unique ways constructing sentences, adding emphasis, past, present and future tenses.
Languages evolve and so does patois.   ‘Some’ who aren’t in favour of such milestone for Jamaica will say that Creole is a broken language; it is a combination of two or more languages.   However they fail to see that the language is dynamic, its status, syntax and semantics and overall structure have changed therefore creating the opportunity to be an official language. Creole is not unacceptable or inferior, it is only a language that fails to be acknowledged and so many do not promote patois. The schools which ought to be the first step,   aren’t equipped with materials or professionals.

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