My Safe Place

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The place I go to have thoughts to myself, peace, and a safe feeling, is the place where no one can no. I’ll give you hints about it, its outside. It gets cold, rains here and there, it gets hot, it can snow inside, and it can flood. I go there to sit in peace. I love hearing the sound of the birds, and the squirrels eating away at the nuts on the ground. I can have people there to hang out, a small group of course. I never really liked a lot of people around me; I try to keep to myself. That’s why I built this place. Yes, I built this place with my own hands. There are with chairs and tables; I made it my own get away. When things get rough around home, or I just want to go for a walk to my favorite place and just be by myself, I go there. Not a lot of people know where it’s at, only the people I bring there. So it is like a hang out. And it’s not only my place; it’s also my friends place too. When they just want to be alone, and can’t stand to be home, they go there. I’m glad I made this place. I can just let my mind wonder, I have no worry on my mind, and I can just breathe and hear my thoughts. It’s always great to have a safe place to go. All teens need one; it keeps us sane. If it’s not your room, a basement, or a closet, it’s something you create. Like what I did. I love my safe spot, and to whom ever needs it. Sometimes I go back there and see my friends. It turns into a great day after that; even if they weren’t there I keep myself deep in thought. Even though it’s not the best place, most people think, I love it. I can’t wait to go back there; the best part is it’s behind my house in the woods. It’s not even far away; I don’t have to drive. This place keeps me sane, to get away from the world and all its disaster. Can you guess what it is? The place where I go to feel content is my

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