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Below is an example of a dream home essay My Dream Home My dream house would be in a location far enough away from town that I can have a huge yard, but near enough to where it’s a close drive into town. It would have three floors, five bedrooms, be spacious, and have three bathrooms. I would live on Cedar Court off of Jackson Street, in Bettendorf, Iowa. When I walk into my dream house, I would pass a flowerbed that is filled with exotic flowers including red daisies and purple roses where you can always smell them passing by. I would also have a huge yard and a three car garage. The house, which is comprised of bricks with a bright red door, brings me into the foyer with hard wood floors and a welcome mat. When I enter the house there would be a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor and an entry into the living room. Entering the living room, the floor would be covered with tan carpet, the room would be filled with a huge flat screen TV, an inviting sofa, and a recliner that invites you into the room with sky blue walls. Connected to the living room are stairs that lead to the basement. The basement would be filled with games like Ping-Pong, and foosball. There would also be a couch and a laundry room filled with a washer and dryer. Coming back upstairs, the next room is the kitchen with rock tile flooring, the walls painted cardinal red, and plenty of cabinet space with granite counters, and the room filled with stainless steel appliances. The dining room, which is attached to the kitchen, would have hardwood floors and a table that seats ten people, and the walls would be painted firefly yellow. This room would also have double doors that lead out to a big deck filled with patio furniture and an electric grill. Standing outside you can smell fresh air of the many seasons, and you can see the big backyard with freshly cut grass and many trees

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