My Defining Moment

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My Defining Moment It was a cold winter morning in 1999 and I was stepping into the car to start a career that I would perfect over the next few years of my life. We took a fifteen minute car ride and after what seemed like forever we were finally at the ice rink. My dad had chosen this day to start me off on the sport of ice hockey, a sport that I would spend several hundred hours playing over the next couple of years. I was extremely nervous as I walked into the rink and began to put my pads on for the first time I would step on the ice to learn how to play hockey. As I put the pads on they felt extremely bulky. I remember saying to my dad, “I think we might have gotten these a few sizes too big.” He reassured me though that they were the right size. The pads almost felt like they were suffocating me as I put them on. It felt particularly cold at the moment, but that should have been no surprise since I was in an ice rink. I said to my dad, “How are we supposed to stay warm?” He replied, “Hard work and those pads is all you need to stay warm.” And with that being said, I walked out of the locker room to step onto the ice. My first time on the ice felt very absurd but amusing. Having bulky equipment on didn’t help the learning experience at all. It was a very awkward feeling to skate and would continue to be for the next few months. My skates felt like they were detached from me and needed to be controlled. I said to my dad, “How am I supposed to learn how to play hockey when I can’t even skate?” He promptly explained how I would not learn how to play hockey for a while. I still needed to learn the basics of skating first. Even after the a few minutes I could feel how the blades of my skates would “cut” into the ice and how if I extended my leg I could propel myself forwards. The process as a whole was extremely slow and became increasingly
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