Music Education and Its Importance

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Jose Castro COMM_2200 073 Prof. Cannon Music Education and its importance INTRODUCTION I. Music education helps students achieve higher scores in tests, is part of the Tennessee core curriculum, but is also at risk of disappearing. II. Music has a powerful ability that allows us to connect a memory or mood along with a specific style, song, or melody. A. It is this power that music teachers are using to aid students with critical thinking, memory, and also encourage students to want to learn. III. According to the Tennessee Department of Education, dance, theater, visual art, and music is part of the core curriculum. B. It is required to teach these topics from a highly qualified teacher. IV. There are many that believe that music education is a waste of time and money and funds should be allocated more to reading, writing and math. 1. This happens, and the basic critical thinking skills worsen, therefore worse test scores. V. Today I will share some information the benefits of music education, what is required to teach in schools and how music education is being affected today. BODY I. Music can help students improve test scores and can improve their mental and social health. A. Incorporating music along with other subjects to assist in memorization and reading fluidity. 1. Fifty Nifty United States is a song used in elementary to memorize all fifty states in alphabetical order. 2. My roommate is an elementary teacher and he uses music jingles to help his students remember math problems. He also uses music to help his students how to read with fluidity. B. Music is a great way to relieve stress for students and keep them on a productive path. 3. Emotional stress causes the body to produce the hormone cortisol. a. Positive effects: buffers the mind against
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