Muhammad The Most Influential Man in History

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The Holy Prophet(pbuh) was born on Monday, the 20th of April, 571 A.D, in Mecca of Saudi Arabia. He was brought up by his mother, and after her death, at 8 years old, was looked after by his uncle Abu Talib who treated him with great care and affliction. He displayed an acute moral sensitivity and an early age and became to be known as Al-Amin( the trusted one). Thomas Carlyle(1841) in his Heroes and Hero Worship says, “Muhammad was a man of truth and fidelity, true in what he did, in what he spoke, in what he thought. He was with great taciturnity, but when he spoke it was with emphasis and deliberation, and no one could forget what he said.” Prophet Muhammad, by the age of twenty four was well know around the Arabian peninsula as an honorable man and trader; a characteristic that most Meccans lacked. It is important to note that even the Jews and Christians that expounded their religious views at commercial fairs, and troubled the prophet with questions they raised, had enough respect and praise for the prophet that they would lend many of their valuables to him for safe keeping. Before the Holy Prophet was given the authority of prophet-hood the Arabian peninsula was sunk from top to toe in ignorance, barbarism and tyranny. Anarchy war and highway robbery were considered to be normal. Drinking, adultery and gambling were considered as dominant values in the uncivilized life of that period. Born and bred among people who regarded these traits as virtues, Muhammad never touched alcohol and never indulged in gambling. The Arabs had turned into idol worshippers and the holy Kaaba had become a shrine full of idols and a center of entertainment. Fast forward to today and we can see how affective Muhammad’s (pbuh) message was. The Muslim world still strictly prohibits drinking, adultery, and gambling. When comparing other countries to Muslim states there are

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