Mt Rushmore Analysis

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Mt. Rushmore pays tribute to four men who revolutionized and shaped the United States of America in its early years, each was important to the development of a nation, and each was president. If I was in charge of selecting faces for a twentieth century Mt. Rushmore, I would not select solely from our few presidents, but chose the people that were most influential in permanently changing the United States, regardless of their job title. I believe the four men whose faces deserve to be carved into a mountain side for the work they did in changing our country are: Henry Ford, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, and Ronald Reagan. To truly represent the twentieth century I chose one man from each quarter-century who I believed to be the most influential. In 1908, Henry Ford introduced his Model T to the American public for just $825. The father of the modern assembly lines and mass production was able to sell an inexpensive car because he had developed a system to quickly and effectively produce perfectly identical products. Obsessed with cutting cost while still creating a quality product, over the next two decades Ford…show more content…
Segregated from the rest of society and suffering emotionally, physically and economically the black community was looking for a leader and found one in Martin Luther King. A minister from Atlanta, King believed in the power peaceful protest, and began to lead public protests and boycotts. As the movement gained momentum King was able to raise public consciousness of the inequalities being suffered. Martin Luther King famously led the March on Washington, campaigning for equal rights and employment; here he delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. Eventually securing equal rights for all Americans Martin Luther King became and still represents the greatest human rights icon in
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