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“Violence: An American Tradition” In my opinion, I believe violent ‘trends’ are often repeated in American culture because of selfishness, ignorance and fear. I mentioned selfishness as a factor because that is what drives man to show disrespect towards another. Putting yourself as priority, you are left no room for reason or understanding. This in turns leads into the lack of knowledge, which is ignorance. Ignorance and the lack of understanding a person may cause diversion between two people of two different cultures, race or religion. This eventually will build up to fear. There were three historical facts that were brought to my attention. One of these facts was on the unfortunate occurrence named the Wounded Knee. This event occurred on December 29, 1890.The U.S Cavalry had gathered local Native Americans, shot and killed innocent Native American men, women, and children. The shots were fired because of misunderstanding of culture and ignorance. Another fact that stood out was the truth about Christopher Columbus. The Columbus that was introduced to us in grade school, is so different than the one he really was. Mr. Columbus killed and raped Native Americans because in his eye they were less than humans. Lastly, I learned about the Gorilla gang leader, Bloody Bill Handerson. This man was known for robbing banks, people, and killing people for sport. Not only was a cold-blooded person but he was also made an idol by the media. The film explained the relationship between violence and racial prejudice by showing us that it is through racial prejudice comes violence. This is has been true all throughout American history. For example this was clearly shown during the civil right movements when Blacks and African Americans were beaten and hung by the Klu Klux Klan. The film explained the relationship between violence and sexism

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