The Most dangerous game

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The Most Dangerous Game Just imagine, you, with a pistol, have been trapped on an island that is isolated except for a wild beast and can’t get any help. What will you do, if the beast charged toward to you? Will you kill it? Or let in go ahead and tear you in to pieces? I bet you will kill it with your pistol. In the story, “The Most Dangerous game”, the same situation has existed between two men, Zaroff and Rainsford. Rainsford changed his hunting theory after he experienced the most dangerous game. At the beginning of the story, Rainsford shows a cold-hearted altitude toward to the animals he has hunted. We can see it in his conversation with Whitney on board of the yacht He, who is cruel at beginning, thinks that the world is made up with two classes: “the Hunter and the Huntees”. Furthermore, Rainsford also is an eager hunter that thinks people is superior to the animals. Therefore, Rainsford said: “Don’t talks rot, Whitney. You're a big-game hunter, not a philosopher. Who cares how a jaguar feels.” Rainsford doesn’t view hunting animals as murderer; however, he says that Zaroff is a murderer because he is hunting human being. At the moment, the story dramatically changed because Rainsford was forced to go hunting the big game with Zaroff. After Rainsford has set traps to kill Zaroff’s best dog and Ivan, and also injured Zaroff himself, Rainsford has escaped from Zaroff by jumping into the ocean. Instead of running away, Rainsford came back and killed Zaroff. When Rainsford confronted Zaroff in Zaroff’s bedroom, Rainsford said that he had adopted an animal mentality, which he has said: “I’m still a beast at bay.” This made Rainsford to change from killing animals to killing humans. Also, in the end of the book, “never slept in a better bed” show that Rainsford changed
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