Milosevic Auto-Scored Against Kosovo’s Separatism

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Milosevic Auto-scored against Kosovo’s Separatism Serbs want their country back; Albanians want their country forward By: Ana Stojanoska June 19, 2010 In the book “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne talks about the laws of attraction, she states that “people think about what they don't want and attract more of the same” this is very true for individuals as well as for whole nations. One of the examples is the case of Serbia and Kosovo, where the one thing that Serbia as a nation did not want, is the very thing that they instigated and provoked. By a series of wrong political moves Serbia assisted Kosovo towards its long desired independence. Serbia’s self sabotage started with the 1989 stripping of Kosovo’s autonomy, followed with the 1999 overuse of police force against the Albanian people of Kosovo, and finally the provocation of NATO’s ultimatum and air strikes. From 1974 to 1989, Kosovo enjoyed a special status as an autonomous province in Serbia, and the Kosovo government was run by Albanians. (Allen, 1999) In the 1980’s extensive autonomy given to Kosovo Albanians was abused by them as they tried to cleanse the region of non-Albanians.( Srpska-Mreza, 2004). As a product of the political climate Milosevic rose to power with a throw away remark in Kosovo in 1987 that Serbs would never again be beaten and almost accidentally tapped into a vain of destructive nationalism which eventually guaranteed the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. (The Herald, 2006) In 1989 President Milosevic stripped Kosovo of its autonomy. This extreme political move caused even the moderate Albanians within Kosovo to radicalize their political positions, at the same time the entire Albanian student population was forced out of the educational system and this allowed extremists to indoctrinate the Albanian youth attending private schools. In addition to this, other Yugoslav Republics
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